Hello there, welcome to my amazing website!

Now it seems that everyone and their dog has a website of their own. The main purpose of this site is to show off all the random things I have done and projects I have worked on that I think are cool. I am NOT a web developer, I am not a front end developer, and I can barely make a good-looking page, thank goodness for people who can make user interfaces like the creators of this site template).

A big part of me deciding to create the website was not to have a website, but to have the domain name that the website is using. I sometimes use subdomains it to point at some services I run, so I don’t have to remember the pesky IPv4 addresses let alone the way more memorable IPv6 addresses.

I have decided I want to start writing some blog posts as an exercise to improve my writing skills, and to force myself to actually make some notes about how I solved some problems that I’m bound to face again some day.

If you are here because you are thinking about hiring me, then look no further you have found your answer. Yes you should hire me! 😊 But actually, check out my projects, it’s not a complete list, but it is a bunch of the ones that I have gotten around to writing about.