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I am just starting my Masters of Computer Science at the University of Guelph. My focus is on Data storage in Mobile ad hoc Networks.

I am currently working with Dr. Dan Gillis on a project to help close the digital divide in Northern Canada and to help monitor the environment and health of individuals in an Inuit community in Rigolet, Labrador.

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University of Guelph, Mitacs Intern

Conducting research on Data Storage on Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with the industry partner RightMesh.

University of Guelph, School of Computer Science

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Worked as one of the lead developers on the eNuk research project with a team of developers, researchers, and community partners.

University of Guelph, School of Computer Science

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

Teaching assistant for CIS*1000, Introduction to Computer Applications. Held weekly office hours to assist students. Graded student assignments, and updated course content.


Android Developer

Worked on a mobile application for Android using the RightMesh Mesh networking platform. Worked on a small team and provided weekly updates to the project manager.

Lakeridge Health

IT Student

Designed and built internal web tools for auditing and incident reporting. Assisted with the configuration and deployment of an out of band network to monitor the network around the hospital. Performed the migration of Windows SCCM and SQL servers in an enterprise environment.


Android Developer

Worked as the lead Android developer designing and building an application for the Canadian National Archery team to perform real time data recording and analysis. Developed application layer network protocol to communicate with a server. Cooperated with different departments to design and build different components for the app (i.e. hardware engineering to design communication protocols).


Web Developer

Worked with the human resources and financing team to build a variety of internal web tools to help with project time tracking and careers pages.


University of Guelph

May 2019 - Present

Masters of Computer Science

Research interests:

University of Guelph

Sept 2015 - April 2019

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Honours



Hackathon project for DeltaHacks 2019. An Android application that uses a Machine Learning image processing model on Microsoft Azure to detemine if a picture of a mole is malignant. This was build by Lindsay, Devon, Lucas, and I.
We won the ArcelorMittal Dofasco - Transforming Tomorrow Challenge.

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One of the lead developers of eNuk, an environment and health monitoring program. A web, iOS and Android app are being desgned in partnership with the Inuit community in Rigolet, Nunatsiavut Labrador.

Project site


This is the mesh networking app that I built with Weihan Li while working for Left. The app is a basic forum platform where users are able to create posts (with a title, message and tags) that other users are able to then see and reply to. The basis for the app is to create a platform that is somewhat similar to Stack Overflow that does not rely on an internet connection or centralized data storage.

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Farm to Fork

Farm To Fork is an application created by 30 undergraduate School of Computer Science students at the University of Guelph in 2012 with a goal to increase the quality and quantity of fresh food donated to local food banks by providing donors with real-time needs.
I worked on this project in CIS*4500 (Special Topics iOS Development) with Professor Dan Gillis and Domenic Bianchi to develop a mobile app.

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This is an app that was built for Interventional Radiologists as a helpful resource for different types of medical conditions. The app was created in partnership with Dr. Justin Shafa for both Android and Apple.

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This is a program that I wrote in high school as a single player solitaire game. It features scoring, customizable card backs, high scores and different user account profiles. It is written by hand in Java and uses XML to store the data.

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Continuous Integration Server

A configurable Node.js server that will receive GitHub or Gitlab webhooks to automatically run a script for a specific repository and branch.

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Dragon Collar

A wireless Bluetooth dog collar that was developed as the ECHacks 2017 project. It utilizes an Arduino 101 board and an Android mobile application.

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CIS3750 Community Engaged Scholarship

A web API that was build for a software design course with to address a social challenge in our community. It is a Node.js backend with a MySQL database.

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