Here are some of the cool projects that I have worked on, for school, hackathons, research projects, and in my free time.


During the COVID-19 Pandemic I started using Discord more with a group of my friends, since we were not able to hang out together and we are not all in the same city. At the time of writing there are about 50 of us in the server with a bunch... [Read More]


Earlier in the year, shortly after the COVID-19 world wide apocalypse pandemic began I decided it was finally time that I build a computer. I got a nice Corsair H100i Platinum all-in-one liquid cooler to keep my processor nice and cool, and have all the pretty RBG lighting effects and... [Read More]


Hackathon project for DeltaHacks 2019. An Android application that uses a Machine Learning image processing model on Microsoft Azure to detemine if a picture of a mole is malignant. This was build by Lindsay, Devon, Lucas, and I. [Read More]


Tags: java android
This is the mesh networking app that I built with Weihan Li while working for Left. The app is a basic forum platform where users are able to create posts (with a title, message and tags) that other users are able to then see and reply to. The basis for... [Read More]


The eNuk Program is an integrated environment and health monitoring app designed with and for the Inuit of Rigolet, Nunatsiavut to streamline and incorporate the community’s existing research efforts into a comprehensive tech strategy for monitoring climatic changes. The Android app is currently in beta-testing and the iOS app was... [Read More]


This is an app that was built for Interventional Radiologists as a helpful resource for different types of medical conditions. The app was created in partnership with Dr. Justin Shafa for both Android and Apple.

Farm to Fork

Tags: ios
Farm To Fork is an application created by 30 undergraduate School of Computer Science students at the University of Guelph in 2012 with a goal to increase the quality and quantity of fresh food donated to local food banks by providing donors with real-time needs. I worked on this project... [Read More]

CI Server

Tags: node ci/cd
A configurable Node.js server that will receive GitHub or Gitlab webhooks to automatically run a script for a specific repository and branch.

Dragon Collar

A wireless Bluetooth dog collar that was developed as the ECHacks 2017 project. It utilizes an Arduino 101 board and an Android mobile application.


Tags: java ui
This is a program that I wrote in high school as a single player solitaire game. It features scoring, customizable card backs, high scores and different user account profiles. It is written by hand in Java and uses XML to store the data.