My name is Marshall Asch (which you may have already guessed).

I am currently most of the way through my Masters of Computer Science at the University of Guelph. My focus is on Data storage in Mobile ad hoc Networks.

I am currently working with Dr. Dan Gillis on a project to help close the digital divide in Northern Canada and to help monitor the environment and health of individuals in an Inuit community in Rigolet, Labrador.

Like my work? Making a small donation to help pay for the domain name that the site is hosted under, and sometimes a nice cup of hot chocolate.

Other interests

I really do love computers and anything that can be connected to the Internet. I think its amazing that we can tell computers and they will do exactly what we tell them (although sometimes we don’t tell them what we think we did). I recently acquired a 3D printer and have started attempting to create my own smart home monitoring devices (there will be a new project post about this soon hopefully).

Outside of computers, I love dogs - especially the two border collies that live with me - and making and eating food. In the summer I love being able to go out side and go Kayaking (yes I know computer scientists and the outdoors are traditionally mortal enemies)

A bit about my history

I am not entirely a traditional “computer nerd” (although I very much am one, and I love it), I never really got super into video games, anime, or some of the other classics. In fact, originally computer science is not what I wanted to do with my life. I started off school wanting to go into medicine, and in my first semester thought nope there is no way I am going to go through all these biology and chemistry classes.