During the COVID-19 Pandemic I started using Discord more with a group of my friends, since we were not able to hang out together and we are not all in the same city. At the time of writing there are about 50 of us in the server with a bunch of different interests, so we have channels to talk about different things. Instead of having to mute channels I’m not interested in (who wants a simple solution like that?) we decided to made a bot that can manage and assign roles for us, amongst other things.

And so we did it. We built the bot, then cycles of breaking it and fixing it began. At the beginning there was nothing special about the bot, and although we could have found a bot that someone else built and used that, we are Computer science students and where would the fun be in that?

We have since added a bunch of cool commands to the bot:

  • Showing funny memes
  • showing cute puppy pictures (because we all need that)
  • Making Spotify playlists out of songs we share with each other
  • Role assignments
  • Providing mental health resources
  • and many more commands

But it wasn’t just about making this bot perfect for our server we wanted to make it into a bot that would work on any server we could install it on. We gave the bot an install link and made it so that it wasn’t just hard coded to our server. Improving the quality of the code, as well as making it so that we can share the awesomeness of Botomir.

One of the cool things that we recently added and is the ability to configure the bot. Unlike a lot of the other bots we have seen that are generally designed to do one task, we made our bot able to do everything! But not everyone will want to be able to do everything. So the bot is configurable, you can choose to enable or disable some of the commands for your server, you can set custom responses, even set your own subreddits to pull memes from!

If you have stumbled across this post and it sounds like something you might want on your very own Discord server, checkout the site botomir.com and you can view more information there and add it to your server. If you can think of any other cool features we will happily take requests through Github issues.